Platform for mediative dialogue on contested narratives

Mediation (mediative dialogue) as a way of exploring contested narratives in the public history of Germany (West), Russia and Ukraine creates a space for discussion aimed at a deep understanding of the points of view of its participants. In contrast to the discussions, the contents of which is reducing to the exchange of views and factual information, the purpose of a mediation dialogue is different because its base on the idea of the value of all points of view and the right of each to speak and be heard.

The methodology of conducting mediation dialogue was developed by the German non-profit organization Inmedio peace consult as part of a German-Russian-Ukrainian project, which also included the Institute for Law and Public Policy, ILPP (Moscow), and the NGO Center for Public Initiatives Ideas for Change (Kyiv).

This homepage provides information on the directions and results of the project. The project experts welcome and support the spread of mediation dialogue to other contexts and areas of humanitarian knowledge.