Delvy – join the dialogue online!

We would like to seize the opportunity to receive feedback and comments from a wider circle of experts than those who participated in the face-to-face meetings. For this purpose, we have designed delvy Dialogue – a consensus-oriented online tool which enables collaborative working on one joint text. Unlike the usual public online forums (that often lead to provocative statements and hate speech) this tool provides a confidential space for constructive dialogue on a joint text. At the same time, it prevents one from ending up with lots of contradictory comments without any fruitful agreement. This is achieved by a ranking system of consent regarding each specific change request: (non-)consent can be expressed by every user by choosing between four different levels of agreement. An algorithm automatically inserts the option with the “highest” consensus amongst the users of the online tool into the main text.

The tool is also available open-source and it can be used for other contexts!

To get your personal registration code, please send an email, identifying your institutional affiliation, expertise, previous experience with related dialogues and/or other references to